If you are willing to buy a giant defy in the near future, there are a plethora of features that must be considered first. There are several important things that should be taken into consideration while buying a new bicycle.

Finding the best bike is not as easy as it seems to be because the market is flooded with hundreds of options, and you need to choose one for you, which is quite a confusing task. So here we have shared some essential points with you that can help you to find the perfect and best suitable option for you.

giant defy

The purpose of purchase:

As mentioned earlier, the market is full of hundreds of options, so you should know which type and for what purpose you are going to purchase a bike. If your plan of purchasing a bike is to ride it off-road on mountains and valleys, it is recommended to go for mountain bikes giant that is specially designed for rugged and rocky mountain terrain.

But if your plan is to ride a bike on the road or in the town, then you should purchase a road bike. It is important to decide for what purpose you are going to be using a bike for.


How much are you eager to spend on a bike? This is a crucial thing to take into consideration while purchasing. It is recommended to set a price limit for your new bike and then start searching for the best bike under your budget. It is expected to pay $300 to $800 for an entry-level bike. You can also find some less-expensive bikes at local retail stores.

Bike forks:

Different types of bikes have different forks. But shocks of the bikes are one of the essential things that one should look for. The bikes specifically designed for unpaved roads come with shocks are very comfortable to ride than those bikes that don’t have shocks. The bikes that don’t shocks offer a rigid feel, but these are uniquely built for speed.

giant defy


Yes, this is another crucial factor to take into account. Again, there comes the question of where you are planning to ride your bike? If your plan is to ride your bike on rough terrain, then you should buy a bike that comes with wide tires and provides a lot of traction. And if your plan is to ride it on the pavement, then pick the bike with narrow tires, which provides a little bit of traction.

These basic things let you decide which giant defy will best suitable for your needs.

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